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Brand Model Camera Type Film Format / Digital Lens Mount 35mm Crop Factor Purchase Price Battery Type Is Working Notes
Minolta SRT-102 SLR 135 SR 1.00 $55.00 WeinCell MRB625 / SR43 adapter Yes Came with JC Penny 80-200mm lens
Minolta X-370 SLR 135 SR 1.00 $75.00 2x SR44/LR44 or CR1 Yes Came with winder, and Five Star 35-70mm zoom lens
Minolta X-700 SLR 135 SR 1.00 $23.22 2xLR44 / 2xSR44 / CR1/3N Yes Came with a 50/1.7, and Vivitar 70-210mm 1:4.5 lens, and a Minolta Auto 280PX flash
  Total Cost: $153.22
Working: 3
Broken / Display Only: 0
Total: 3