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Brand Model Camera Type Film Format / Digital Lens Mount 35mm Crop Factor Purchase Price Battery Type Is Working Notes
Kodak Retina IIIC Rangefinder 135 Retina Xenon C 1.00 $59.62 None No Came with Schneider-Kreuznach 50/2 lens. Has interchangeable front elements.
Ricoh Super Shot Rangefinder 135 Fixed 1.00 $17.29 LR50 No Lens filter ring is rather bent. Shutter works with alkaline battery, hot shoe does not. Exposes poorly, seems to be a combination of old electronics and too high of voltage from the LR50 battery.
Rollei 35 Rangefinder 135 Fixed 1.00 $163.65 WeinCell MRB625 / SR43 adapter Yes
  Total Cost: $240.56
Working: 1
Broken / Display Only: 2
Total: 3